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Shock wave pain relief - stiff muscles, tendons, joints, tendons, frozen shoulder syndrome

The action of a painless shock wave and the deep effect of radiofrequency biostimulation (diathermy) provide immediate relief from stiff muscles and is completely free of anesthesia, drugs and side effects. It has an analgesic effect.


Medical explanation of the effect

Shock wave treatment relieves or eliminates pain, accelerates healing, tissue regeneration, reduces acute or chronic inflammation, dissolves calcifications and fibrotic tissue, removes frozen shoulder pain, tennis/golf elbow, heel spurs, chronic back pain and joint pain.

It activates skin tissue cells and restores their activity with a special patented biostimulation method, which consists of combining painless shock wave with diathermy in one treatment of targeted therapy.

The shock wave in synergy with diathermy is a unique patented technology in the unique medical device ReCell, which guarantees a targeted effect with zero health risk for use in the field of health and beauty.

Therapeutic treatments

In the case of acute symptoms, the pain is significantly relieved after the first treatment with a painless shock wave. For chronic problems, the result occurs after a treatment course usually consisting of 4 to 6 treatments, depending on the degree of the problem.

Calcified formations, which are often found in inflamed tendons and ligaments, disappear in most cases after shock wave treatment.

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