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Micromassage of the eye area - Micromassage of the eye area

Micromassage of the eye area is suitable for both women and men. It has lifting and regenerating effects and improves tissue vitality, helps remove puffiness and circles under the eyes, smoothes wrinkles, relieves headaches, and helps regenerate tissues. We recommend indulging in this specific massage at a relatively young age, as wrinkles form around the eyes first.


Medical explanation of the effect

Micromassage stimulates and improves blood circulation, oxygenates the skin, activates nerve endings, flushes out toxins, relieves tension in the muscles of the forehead and around the eyes, increases tissue elasticity, benefits tired eyes, relieves headaches and sinus problems, and relieves mental tension.

29 €

per session

Micromassage of the eye area is suitable after each facial treatment with Tecar therapy. It perfectly supports the effect of rejuvenating and revitalizing the skin. Beautifully “opens” the eyes and brightens the look. Regular micromassage delays the aging process of the skin and the formation of wrinkles in the eye area.

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