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Cellulite removal - hips, buttocks, thighs, abdomen, shoulders

With the shock wave we make cellulite disappear, while creating beautiful, smooth and toned skin, unblocking the flow of blood and oxygen in insufficiently supplied cellulite tissues, and improving circulation. The skin regains its taut appearance, restores the health of the entire skin and promotes cellulite prevention.


Medical explanation of the effect

The most harmonious and pleasant way to remove cellulite without invasive surgery, pain and recovery time.

Congestion of the affected skin, support of fat breakdown and firming with smoothing of the skin surface.

Activation of the microcirculation of the blood and lymphatic system, which promotes the flushing out of accumulated toxins, manifested externally by the bumps and depressions of the cellulite. After treatment, the skin remains visibly firmer and smoother.

Applied substances

ExtraCell and LasoCell

55 €

per session

We recommend 8 -10 treatments (twice a week) for maximum effect. We can repeat the treatment no more than 3 times a year. After completing the recommended series of treatments, the skin remains visibly firmer and smoother.

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