Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you often asking us but also afraid to ask.

»Do you do skin or décolletage treatments during summer and winter?

Yes, all year long. We perform our non-invasive, painless treatments throughout the whole year. The skin benefits especially in the summer (or after vacation), when the skin is dry from the sun and salt water.

»I have tired, dull, sagging skin on my face. I got over Covid and I need to bring "life" back to my skin. Can you help me with that?

Certainly yes and very effectively. You will see the significant effect of Tecar therapy with mesotherapy already after the first treatment. Do not hesitate to visit our studio. Treatments are suitable all year round and for all skin types. It will significantly improve your satisfaction with yourself without the use of a scalpel and needles.

»Can I only order a consultation?

Absolutely. You can also order without a specific choice of treatment. After the consultation, you can decide which problem part you want to solve first.

»Will the laser treatment hurt, sting or burn?

No, the treatment is completely painless. It is a beauty laser that non-invasively, painlessly, but efficiently and quickly injects active substances into the skin.

»Will I feel pain during shock wave or mesotherapy treatment?

You will not feel any pain.
The treatments are very pleasant and comfortable thanks to the latest technology of our devices.

»Do you only do laser treatments in the winter months?

No, we can perform laser treatments with our Phorma Beauty Laser 3.0 all year round. The only limitation is that we do not recommend sunbathing (neither the sun nor the solarium) on the day of the treatment. Normal outdoor movement is not restricted if it is not direct exposure to the sun.

»I wear braces on my teeth (prosthesis, bridge, implant...). Can you do some treatments for me?

Yes we can. No denture, implant, bridge or any type of braces is a problem with our treatments.

»Can LASER also help me with dark circles under my eyes?

Yes, thanks to the strong concentration of vitamin C (+ hyaluronic acid and ozone), which softens and lightens dark skin pigmentation.

»Do you also do stretch mark removal with laser?

Yes, and we have very good results with it. Stretch marks become significantly pale, or they change their color from red to a less pronounced pale cream, until lost. It is important that after these procedures there are no scratches, skin damage or any restrictions regarding hygiene habits. On the other side, it is very advisable to continue with home skin care by using creams with active substances that will support the strengthening of the skin.

»I have thyroid disease. Can I undergo some treatment at your place?

Yes, you can, some of them. It depends on several circumstances, which is why we do a thorough consultation of health contraindications before the first treatment, when we also find out these problems.

»What substances are lasered into the skin?

We use a laser to treat a cocktail of the most effective substances: hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, ozone (oxygen), elastin.

»How long will the Laser wrinkle smoothing effect last?

After completing the required number of treatments, the effect lasts up to 6 months.

»How often do I need a laser treatment to remove wrinkles?

As a rule of thumb, 3 sessions, one week and two weeks apart. Subsequently, the treatment can be repeated to maintain the effect once a month.

»Can you do skin treatments for me even if I take corticoids?

During corticoid treatment, we do not recommend any of the instrumental skin treatments. Also not in case of infectious diseases, inflammatory manifestations of the skin or herpes diseases.

»Which places can you treat me with Laser?

Phorma Beauty Laser 3.0 is ideal for smoothing out wrinkles in the following locations: forehead, around the eyes, lips (also above the upper lip), neck, décolleté, wrinkles from the nose to the mouth, the wrinkle between the eyebrows.

»Is removing stretch marks effective even after gaining weight and losing weight?

Yes, the sooner you start treating stretch marks, the more significant results you can achieve. We also remove stretch marks that have formed on the skin for a long time, the color of the skin will be unified, the formation of collagen and elastin will be supported, the special preparations used on a natural basis will fill the scars and thus reduce the visibility of stretch marks.

»Can I go straight to work after the treatment?

Certainly yes. After any treatment with us.
After the instrumental treatment of the skin and basic care for it, we will also provide you with decorative products (make-up, mascara, lipstick and even 100% certified vegan cosmetics EMANI). After skin treatments with our technologies, you have no restrictions on the use of decorative cosmetics, e.g. also just before leaving the studio. After the treatments, your skin will remain rejuvenated, unified in color, hydrated, brightened, and it is up to you whether you let it stand out as naturally beautiful or you will also use additional cosmetics.

»Do I have to undress for treatment?

It depends on the type of treatment and the part of the body being treated.
We will provide you with exact information when ordering.

»Should I bring something to change?

No, we will provide you with everything you need (bath towel, bathrobe, slippers).

»Who is present in the study during treatment?

Only you and your care staff. We respect your privacy.

»Can anyone find out about my procedure?

No, discretion is a matter of course for us.

»Is there possibility of meeting my friends?

It is unlikely, as we are located on the outskirts of the city center, in a quiet street. You can book a date in which you expect the smallest movement of your friends in the area. We also offer early morning, late evening and weekend dates.

»Do you also do fat removal from the inside of the knees?

Yes, we do.
You can also order this procedure and we will be happy to help you.

»Will one facial treatment before state officials be enough for me?

If you choose the luxury lifting treatment “Immediate rejuvenation” - the result will be visible after the first treatment. Of course, the best and long-lasting effect comes after apply the whole package of treatment series you picked.

»Before the wedding, I want to remove cellulite and sagging skin on my arms and brighten the skin on my face. Can I complete all treatments in one session at a time?

Yes, you can order and in one visit we will use a shock wave to remove cellulite, strengthen sagging skin on the underside of the arms and then provide perfect care for your skin. You can always complete all this during one visit to us. Before such an event, we recommend that you set aside time to complete a series of treatments for the perfect effect.

»How often can I order treatments if I buy the whole treatment?

Ideal 1-2 times a week, maximum 3 times a week (we also perform treatments during the weekend).

»I'm a smoker. Can you also remove so-called smoking wrinkles around your mouth?

Yes, we also very effectively remove smoking wrinkles around the mouth. We recommend a consultation.

»How long do treatments last?

Instrumental treatment lasts 15 to 45 minutes depending on the type of treatment and the number of treated areas. To this must be added the time of skin care before treatment and the final care after device treatment.

»I want to donate treatment to my mom. Do I have to choose which treatment I want for her before buying a gift voucher?

No, you don’t have to. You choose a gift voucher of a certain value. Your mother will then order and during the initial interview she will choose which treatment she wants to indulge in.

»Can I choose a gift certificate in any amount?

Usually yes. We offer gift vouchers in the value of: 100, - €, 200, - €, 300, - €. You can also buy several vouchers at the same time and thus compile the value of the donated treatment at your own discretion.

»Can I take a child with me? I want to order a treatment, but I have nowhere to leave them.

Yes, you can take the child with you.

»I had stretch marks after giving birth. When can I start shock wave removal?

Practically after six weeks. The “fresher” the shoots - the better the result. But we also remove stretch marks that have remained on the skin for a long time, not just freshly formed stretch marks.

»Can I pay with your card?

Yes you can.
Forms of payment for the treatment provided are possible with us in cash, by credit card and we also accept gift vouchers from selected providers such as Edenred, Up Slovakia, Doxx, Callio.

»Can I come make-up on or do i have to remove it?

You can come with make-up. You don´t have to remove your make-up before coming to the studio. Before the device treatment itself, we will remove the make-up from your skin. You don’t have to prepare your skin for us in any special way, we will take care of everything. Also after the treatment we have basic decorative cosmetics available to you (even certified 100% vegan cosmetics EMANI - gluten-free, talc-free, paraben-free, silicone-free, no irritating chemicals or petrochemicals, only natural organic ingredients - suitable for even the most sensitive skin ).
From us you can go customized as you need.

»I am afraid that my skin will remain red or otherwise irritated after the treatment. After leaving you, I need to go straight to work, shopping, meeting ...

After the treatment, your skin will definitely be beautiful, soothed, with no signs of redness.
Our techniques are completely non-invasive, we do not damage the skin in any way, we do not interfere with the integrity of the skin. You do not need any time for healing, you can immediately resume normal activities, without any restrictions.

»I have had very sagging skin on my stomach for more than 10 years (after giving birth). Exercise doesn't help me. Can you help me with that?

Yes and very effectively. We have beautiful results of firming the skin after treatment with a painless shock wave with radiofrequency biostimulation, which are aplied simultaneously by the same at once. Even after 3-4 treatments, the effect is visible, which continues to increase due to the long-term effect of shock waves supported by biostimulation of their own cells. The skin remains firmer, more supple, more.

»Does the health insurance company pay for some treatments for you?

Health insurance companies do not pay for these treatments.
Forms of payment for the treatment provided: cash, payment cards, we accept gift vouchers from selected providers (Edenred, Up Slovakia, Doxx, Callio).

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